Robo Investing – The Customers’ Perspective

My Money is important to me

Perhaps I’m only investing or saving a small amount of money (or what might seem like a small amount to you) but that money is important to me. I need to know who you are and about your credentials. What would happen if you went out of business? How would I get to my money? Am I protected? Your catchy brand may have got me to you but I need to know you are a serious business and I want to get to know more about you before I will trust you with my money. Do you have a pedigree?

My personal data is mine!

Why are you asking me so many questions about my personal situation? Do you really need all that information, how will you use it and is it secure? Who will you be sharing it with? Don’t expect me to provide all my information without giving me a good reason or giving me feedback along the way. If you really need to ask me all those questions do it in a way that is better than asking me to fill in a form. Engage with me and earn my trust and I will share with you.

Enable me to use you wherever and whenever

I want to be able to use your services on my PC, Tablet Smartphone etc. I may do different things depending which of these I am using, but your services must be usable on all my devices.

How long is this going to take?

My time is precious and I get interrupted. Help me to understand where I am in the process and if necessary enable me to log back in and continue later.

Are you advising me or just helping me?

Is there a difference? Will you be making a recommendation of what I should do with my money or am I on my own? Will I have to read about the alternatives and then make a decision or will you guide me towards making the right choice for me? Will you be able to get to know me and understand my preferences and tolerance to risk? Will my objectives be met with your recommendations?

Will you be managing my money?

If I trust you with my money will you be managing it for me and if so how will you communicate what you are doing with it? Please make it clear to me what investment permissions I have given you.

Give me a log in code to an area where I feel secure

I need to be able to log into your website site to manage my information (what you probably call my profile) and see how my money is doing.

I’m not stupid, but…………….

Speak to me in language I can understand – don’t bore me. If your process is interesting and informative then I will get more out of the experience. Will there be a blend of on-line and face2face (maybe by video link)?

From small acorns……………..

I may start small but I might have more money to invest, don’t be greedy, let me start with an amount I feel comfortable with – enable me to add more money to my account at any time.

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