About GFM Business Solutions

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GFM brings together a wide range of skills and experience to help our clients transform their businesses successfully and profitably.

Our approach offers a unique combination of business and technology experience and skills tailored to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a few days of assistance or a longer term consultancy we can help.

Here are a few examples of the projects we have undertaken:

Strategy Development 

Advising a Canadian Healthcare Technology provider on the UK Digital Healthcare sector and developing a strategic plan to enter the market.

Conducting a Pan-European research project (primary and secondary) to analyse market needs and opportunities with the objective of developing a new Financial Services strategy for a global software company. This led to a strategic change from a product-centric to a customer-centric, consultancy-based sales strategy.

New Market and Technology Development

Identifying new market opportunities for Business Rules technologies. Analysed and researched options, including market gap analysis and competitor analysis. Uncovered an opportunity in the Patient Access sector of US Healthcare. Launched a new product line, sold to initial reference customers and developed a partnership distribution network.

Recognizing an opportunity in the UK Financial Services market as a result of the Retail Distribution Review which created an increased focus on the delivery of financial products online with automated advice or guidance. Implemented the development of additional technology capabilities to meet market requirements and created a Sales and Marketing plan. This resulted in the sale to first flagship customer, Money On Toast which went on to win the Aberdeen UK Platform for ‘Leading Innovation’.

Product Development

Leading a skunk works for a global software company.

Managing the development of a new technology suite necessary to meet the needs of the Financial Services market post-RDR in the UK. Created a product development plan and roadmap and determined the product engineering methodology. Product Management and Engineering teams were put in place. This resulted in the successful launch of a new technology suite.

Product Launch

Managing the successful launch of a new product for the UK Financial Services Market. This included the development and execution of the go-to-market strategy including branding, positioning, web presence, social media and PR.

Solution Consultancy

Working with large Financial Services organizations across Europe to determine their business and marketing process needs and translate these into Business Requirements for the implementation of software-based solutions. This resulted in the successful implementation of change-management for new business processes and technology delivery.

Marketing Consultancy

Developed a marketing plan for a Healthcare organization in the US to market a new product. Collaborated with their marketing department in the execution of the strategy including branding, web presence, content creation, collateral development, event management and lead generation. This resulted in sales to over 75 major healthcare providers.

Partnership Development

Developing a third party distribution strategy targeted at building a network of partners in Healthcare and Financial Services. This resulted in a number of alliances, distribution partnerships and value added resellers.

Partnership Negotiation  

Conducting negotiations at ‘C’ level with large technology organizations required for business alliances, distribution partnerships and valued added resellers. This resulted in the creation of an international network of partnerships.

 Sales Management

Changing the focus from a generalist direct sales team to a vertical-market focused sales organization. Built two specialised sales teams, one in EMEA focusing on Financial Services and one in the US focusing on Healthcare. This resulted in an increase in revenue from direct and partnership sales in both markets.

Trade Shows and Public Speaking

Presenting and speaking at a wide range of events to ‘C’ level audiences including Marcus Evans (Financial Services EMEA), International Banking Forum (Middle-East), NAHAM (National Association of Hospital Access Managers – US), MUSE (Meditech User Group – UK and US) and many others.